I was born in Sydney, Australia on December 28, 1923..  I lived there until 1946.  I married my husband, who was a P38 pilot, fighting in the Pacific in 1945.  I came to America in 1946.  We lived in Hollywood for many years.  I joined the Blue Book Agency, at the Ambassador Hotel,  as a model.This is where I met Marilyn Monroe, who then was Norma Dougherty.  She was married to a policeman and had dark hair. We went on a few modeling jobs together.   My husband was pursuing a singing career and had many jobs doing light opera at the Greek theatre. He sang with The Freddie Martins Band and was the main lead in a tour of the Pacific to Hong Kong and the Philippines, in 1951, which was called the Hollywood Follies. It was the first overseas entertainment after the war. He was the tenor soloist in many churches until he decided he needed a permanent job to support his growing family of four small children. He then started a business in wood working machinery which he did until he retired. Twelve years ago, we moved to Carlsbad for our retirement. My husband passed away in 2007 after 62 years of marriage. He was the love of my life and my soul mate. I have a life-size picture of my husband and I at our wedding, band I talk to him every day and tell him what I have been doing with my life. I think he would be very proud of me.